You Belong to… You

by | Self Care

Do you feel like you belong?

What does that even mean? Belong with whom, where…? We all strive to belong somewhere/have a community.

Yet, most of us forget the most important person we need to belong to… is ourselves. When you become a member of your own tribe, you embrace your life journey. Each one of us holds a unique story, an adventure, if you will, where we traverse unknown details laid out in front of us. These situations are specifically curated for each individual, with the aim of promoting wholesomeness and integration of Self.

You choose to belong to yourself.

Truth be told, we belong in every room we walk into. Others’ standards don’t hold a candle when you embrace your embedded light. You are the channel of change; no agent outside of you can tell you where or to whom you belong. You belong simply because you exist.

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