Why Routines are Important

by | Self Care

Although some see routines as boring, routines are quite beneficial when they are health-promoting. Routines help create a sense of grounding and stability within your daily and weekly schedule. They also can be fun!

Importance of Routines:

1. Just like your breath is your foundation for living, routines set the foundation for your day.

2. Routines act as building blocks toward creating your lifestyle.

3. Routines that incorporate self-care in the morning (e.g., exercise, healthy breakfast) and night (e.g., calming activity one hour prior to sleep) are crucial for a strong start and end to your day.

4. Healthy routines create anchor points in your day, which promotes consistency, stability, predictability, and grounding.

5. Routines can help you approach new situations with a calmer mindset vs. feeling overwhelmed.

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