Why Don’t You Understand?

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Your parents don’t “get you.”

If only they can see.
If only they can understand you.
If only they can see from your perspective, they wouldn’t make things out to be such a big deal.

Others’ understanding is beyond your control.

The only thing you are able to control, if you choose, is how you communicate your perspective.
Once you do that, it is up to the other person if or how they receive your communication.

This is why it’s so important to be calm, clear, and concise in your communication. Keep it simple for the other person so they might understand.

Kids have the simplest yet most beautiful logic; as we grow-up, our language skills, though technically better, are often poor. Keep it simple, keep it authentic, and remember what is in your control. Kind and loving communication begins with the intention of sharing a glimpse of your world without expecting another to get it.

If you “know thyself,” you’ve won. So keep winning.

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