Why am I Constantly Thinking?

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If you have a thought in your head that you don’t like, release it.

Practice letting go again and again. Gradually, it becomes easier with consistent practice.

Imagine you are on a dock overlooking your favorite body of water.

Look in the water and see the various classes of fish. Notice how you tend to like some fish more than others.

Notice how your body reacts when you see certain fish you don’t like…

If you were to catch a fish you didn’t like, I’m guessing you’d release it back into the water.

Thoughts work the same way.

If you “catch” a thought you don’t like, release it. The only reason we catch a thought is because we entertain the thought; we pay attention to it. If you simply withdraw your attention, you release the thought.

Observe the flow of your thoughts (i.e., thought stream) without latching on to any thought. This is one way of practicing mindfulness. In the end, we learn not every thought we have is important nor in need of our attention.

When you begin choosing your thoughts intentionally, you start taking control of your mind. Your consciousness begins to expand, as the old, unconscious way of thinking begins to crumble.

A whole new world opens up.

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