You used your voice to tell a story

Humming and howling

Your voice danced with glory

It spoke of pleasure, humility, and sorrow


You used your strength to push to the top of your register

Shouted your passion and whistled your tune

Inspired and awed, you wrote

And sang with such devote


You used your voice

To express a melody

Used rhythm, rhyme, and runs

To reveal an untold love story

Resonating the deepest of pains into verses of beauty


I sat and watched with wonder

Tears began to flow under

Your story echoed through the crowd

As they sang back to you loud

You strummed your guitar, played your piano

And climbed to the topmost peak

Where you bared all, for us to see


You shared your story and made me feel my story

Helped me use my story to connect to all stories

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