Winning the fight but losing the battle

Prepared to fly but mending a wing

Choosing joy but working hard to overcome sorrow

Ready for hello, but man, brutal to say goodbye

Embracing the present but mud stuck in the past

Wanting a change but can’t let go

Fighting for peace but prepared for combat


We don’t know what we don’t know,

Concerned if we’ll ever make it

These brain structures are slow to regrow

Remolding an ache that once left us bruised

Skills to keep us be present, moving, and alive up front,

Help us say goodbye and move through the last of the past


Trauma can lead to an Awakening

One in which new eyes, new sights, and new awareness are born

Whereas before, as such may not have formed

A curious mind, a curious seeker

Do seek till your answers are eventually found


We’re all in it to win it

Wantings of the same kind: love, joy, and peace

T-R-A-U-M-A has “aum” in the middle,

A sacred sound that’s said to have given rise to creation


Change, healing, and letting go bit by bit

Cultivate kind, compassionate space where you learn to see,

That though ever so breaking,

The truth is, your heart can overcome anything upon Waking

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