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Trauma can lead to feelings of overwhelm and disconnect. Trauma can have a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, interpersonal (e.g., an intimate relationship, family of origin, stranger, etc.), natural disasters (e.g., tsunami, hurricane, flood), and unpredicted events (e.g., death, loss of lifestyle, accident). Trauma can interrupt individuals’ sense of safety, security, and predictability. Altered thinking, behavioral, and feeling patterns promoting self-protection might result, such as:

  • Believing “I can’t trust anyone”
  • Avoiding a certain person/people, event, or situation
  • Bottling up painful feelings instead of working through past experiences

Over time, these self-protection strategies can become problematic without the help of professional and personal supports.

Here are a few resources with additional information for individuals with trauma histories and their social supports:

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