Top 10 Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

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Hi, my name is Supriya, I am a Clinical Psychologist in New York.

I facilitate healing shifts in therapy. The therapy room is really a place of remembering, a place of imagining, and most importantly, a place to make clear, conscious choices for yourself.

Most people attend therapy because there is an area(s) of their life they want to resolve in order to continue growing into the most authentic version of themselves. 

The first requirement of building the best version of yourself is to show up in your life. Building anything, whether skill, hobby, or character, is not a passive activity. When you show up in your life, you are present and aware. You come from a place of create vs. re-create; you are active vs. re-active. The most empowering part of showing up in your life is that you literally take it a moment at a time. You need not worry about what you are going to do ten hours or ten days from now because the only thing in life you can truly control are your actions in this very moment. When you show up for yourself, you can build your life intentionally and move through life purposefully. As a licensed psychologist in New York, I help you tap into that authentic version of yourself you want to embrace, but might feel challenged to do so.

A key component we learn in therapy is that your experience builds your knowledge. When you tap into your knowledge consistently, wisdom begins to bloom. Hence, building the best version of yourself entails digesting moments you have already experienced, and moving through life with increasing awareness. Resentment and/or regrets keep you stuck in a time that does not exist: the past. We cannot go back into the past and change anything. Forgiveness, then, is a huge component in the process of building the best version of yourself: you forgive others for intentionally or unintentionally hurting you, and you forgive yourself for holding onto emotional pain for far longer than the initial wounding. The one who forgives chooses to reclaim their sense of peace, instead of handing their inherent power to another. As a psychologist in New York, this is something we can work on together.

It’s important to know that some clients already “know” what would be helpful to better their lives, but they find it difficult to accept the solutions needed, or to follow-through on them. One can absolutely connect to his/her/their internal knowledge. Asking yourself clear, specific questions is important. It gives you the opportunity to engage in honest self-reflection. However, asking is only step 1. Step 2 is to listen calmly in order to receive an internal answer. This gives you the opportunity to put your awareness into action. When you become silent and still your body, you become better able to tap into your intuition, which responds to your question. Your intuition is a calm voice within that speaks in a matter of fact/it-is-what-it-is manner. In other words, your intuitive voice is not loud nor is it filled with emotion; it is neutral in tone and straightforward in message. Intuition lies within your body; not your mind. Most of the time, people struggle with listening to their intuition because their mind is active or trying to force a response. In today’s fast-paced Western world, we heavily rely on our mind intelligence and forgo our body’s intelligence. As a psychologist in NY, I can help you tap into your inner knowing and find your own resolutions.

10 Benefits of Working on Yourself in Therapy:

  1. Forgiveness. Forgiving frees you from being a prisoner of your past.

  2. Challenging Fears. Challenging fears frees you from being robbed of your future.

  3. Awareness. Peace and freedom are found in the present moment. Peace is not found when you are caught up in your mind-games, ruminating about the past, or becoming stuck in what-if future scenarios.

  4. Social-perspective taking. You don’t actually have to understand someone else’s perspective. If you don’t want to understand or it is too difficult to understand, accepting that a perspective other than yours exists, is key.

  5. The grass is never greener on the other side. This is because the grass is not even green to begin with (metaphorically).

  6. Learning from the wisdom within your body. You are far more intelligent than you may realize.

  7. Owning your life choices. You, alone, have chosen every single response in your life, so the responsibility of your life is also yours, alone.

  8. See number 7. Every single decision you make has pros and cons. Decisions cause ripple effects and some you “like” based on your preference, and others you don’t. You still have to own your decisions.

  9. Prioritizing your health and self-care. “Health is wealth,” as they say.

  10. Learning that “being” is the destination. Becoming is the process.

Taking an active role in your own growth is the wisest choice you can make. Cheers to you and your health!


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