Top 10 Benefits of Seeing a Life Coach

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Hi, my name is Supriya, I am a Life Coach in New York.

As a certified life coach in New York, I help women enhance their mind-body-spirit wellness. 

People attend coaching when they are motivated to make holistic improvements in their lives and get clarity about how to feel better, think clearer, and be well. I facilitate women’s growth in building stronger relationships with themselves, embracing greater well-being, and making empowering life choices.

Developing a more loving relationship with yourself is what I enjoy most as a life coach for women in New York. 

What are key indicators that you are learning to love yourself? 

You feel a sense of well-being and upliftment being in your own presence. There is a sense of ease within your body, your mind/attitude, and in your relationship with time. You remain open and objective to your own experience. Judgments about yourself are reduced: labeling things as good or bad decrease. You start to see challenges as opportunities to grow. You recognize that triggers and solutions, both, arise from within.

In addition, you increasingly enjoy your own company. Whether you are physically alone or amongst many, you remain aware and connected to yourself. You grow curious about your experiences. You take responsibility for your life choices. You are more intentional about what you put out into the world, and likewise, what you take in mentally, physically, and emotionally from the outside world. You become more attuned to your own energy and how you respond to different people/environments. 

In order to grow a more loving relationship with yourself, it’s vital to realize that if you are not learning something, life will continue to bring that something/issue to your attention until you’ve accepted the lesson and fully learned it. The lessons in your life are specifically designed for you. These lessons require you to step outside of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is actually created by your mind to give you a false sense of security.

When you love yourself, you stay in your own lane. You honor your strengths, acknowledge your limitations, and stay committed to your growth. Your relationships with others and life itself improve because you recognize that everyone is responsible for making their own life choices. You stop trying to control, change, or convince others.

When you are fully committed to your own growth, you start noticing life more. You are present, aware in the here-and-now, and not lost in the there (future) and then (past). When you develop a loving relationship with yourself, you connect to the inherent peace and joy that lives within the present moment, not the shackles of the past (memory) and the future (imagination). The simple things you might have overlooked start holding much more beauty. Life feels fun. You recognize you are a co-collaborator with life. You begin noticing synchronicities in life, rhythms and patterns. You start smiling more. Your heart feels full and flowing. You are happy.

As a life coach in upstate New York, I love seeing women’s aha moments when they make connections that weave through multiple areas of their lives. This signals that the lesson has been learnt on a deep level.

10 Benefits of Working on Yourself in Coaching:

1. Clarity. Get clear on choices you need to make to move forward.
2. Creativity. Coaching is a place where you collaboratively brainstorm your ideas out loud.
3. Enhanced well-being. Wellness does not occur in a vacuum. Holistic wellness focuses on the whole you: mind, body, and spirit.
4. Commitment to the process. Birth and death can be considered the bookends of your life. Living is the process in-between. Learning to commit to the process vs. being married to the outcomes is life changing.
5. Witnessing yourself. Observing your personality and tendencies is critical to move toward integrity.
6. Making connections. Just like the mind-body-spirit system is intricately related, you learn that everything you do is connected (i.e., not isolated).
7. Time Management. You have 168 hours in your week. What you do with the time that is given to you builds your lifestyle. 
8. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Growth and staying within your comfort zone cannot exist together.
9. Building empowering morning rituals and evening routines. Anchor points in your day lead to consistency, balance, and greater well-being.
10. Being better friends with yourself. The relationship that you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

As a life coach in New York, I help women feel empowered to own their story. I’d love to help you get to your next chapter.

Cheers to you, your growth, and your incredible life.


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