To My Fellow Indian Women…

by | Poetry

You are everything…

A wild heart with a Capricorn smile
A stargazer with a spiritual nature
A trailblazer in a distant nation

Ivys don’t make you
Accolades don’t define you
Your only competition is internal

Let go of the weight
The pressure to perform to perfect to perseverate

Allow your Divine Feminine nature to soften the hard markings of a pioneered life

Your resiliency and light is what’s needed as new generations with our faces come through us

You are a leader a vision a beautiful Being
Within you, All love stands the test of time

Soften rest meditate
Let your feminine side unwind
Your masculine energy is too tired

Play soften smile
You are a wonderful child

Be who you are in an unknown land
Let your wild heart beat free
Your ancestral roots remain strong

Embody what is best and let what remains go…
Life is a test and karma makes us re-test
Give to your younger self as your wisdom grows stronger

A love letter to you because my wild heart speaks what’s true…

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