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Therapy Beyond Coaching

Sometimes additional services beyond life coaching are necessary for individual mental health and well-being, such as behavioral health therapy. If you believe you could benefit from behavioral/mental health services that are individualized and medical in nature: such services are exclusively available to New York State residents and conducted via a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.  Please click below for more information.

Dr. Supriya

"I felt Dr. Blair was an excellent therapist. She was a good listener, empathetic, and often helped me find a way to express ideas that were just below the surface. I felt that I left each of our sessions with a clear objective to work through before the next session. I looked forward to talking with her when we met."

"I’ve become much more attuned to the connection between my mind and body, and strengthened my boundaries in healthy ways. I've learned to think carefully about what works for me, and where I want to spend my energy, and then make choices from there. I felt a real sense of growth through my own issues and readiness to "graduate" from therapy when the time came, and I felt that Dr. Blair helped prepare me for this transition."

“Working with Dr. Blair was very easy. I’ve experienced a decrease in my overall anxiety, and an increase in my empowerment and assertiveness. She provides helpful, actionable feedback. Her therapeutic approach is accessible to anyone, whether they have experience in therapy or not.”

“I have learned to embrace all parts of me and to take ownership of my story. I have a clearer connection to my inner voice and it has empowered me to speak up and set boundaries in my life. I feel deep gratitude for the lessons I learned from Dr. Blair. For any future clients, I recommend delving into Dr. Blair's site and blog. There is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. It honestly reflects the principles clients will explore when working with Dr. Blair.”

“I had a wonderfully positive experience working with Dr. Blair. Her values and deep knowledge in spiritual principles were evident in her writing, as they were in practice when I started my sessions with her. Dr. Blair’s openness and ability to genuinely hold space for me was an invitation to do so for myself. With Dr. Blair as my guide, I found myself leaning into ideas of self-discovery and the mind-body-spirit connection. Today I find myself more empowered, aligned with my inner authentic self and connected to my body because of our collaboration.”

“I liked that you were direct and encouraged me to take accountability for my actions, and did so in a nurturing manner. You were always so calm, reminded me to practice the techniques we discussed, and led by example.”

“You had me look at myself (both what I felt was good and bad) and allowed me to give myself permission to move through my feelings and forgive myself for anything I thought I did wrong or just didn’t get right. The process was really tough at times but it was well worth the work.”

“You were welcoming, thorough, consistent, and asked questions about what it is that I wanted. You were also thoughtful about what works for me and offered flexibility when needed.”

“Thank you for the way you poured into helping me grow into a more solid person.”

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