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Mental health therapy works to strengthen your thinking, feeling, and behavioral responses. Learning from your own experience is key to grow, heal, and embrace wellness. Individual therapy with Dr. Blair is exclusively available to adult New York State residents only and conducted via a secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. 

New openings for Therapy and Coaching starting May 2024!

If you want to work with me but live outside of New York State:

Please note: Similarities exist between life coaching and mental health therapy. However, therapy is a medical service; coaching is not a medical-based service. Coaching is not a substitute for mental health therapy.
Dr. Supriya Blair, Psychologist and Life Coach in New York

Dr. Supriya Blair is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York. She holds a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD), with a concentration in Child and Family studies, from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She is the founder of Dr. Blair Psychology, LLC. Dr. Blair has been in private practice since 2016, and running her own telehealth practice since 2020.

Dr. Blair takes special interest in serving bicultural Indian women in her private practice.

"I felt very emotionally off-balance at the beginning of the year and feel more calm now. Dr. Blair has a very calming presence which is quite helpful and provides you with the space to go through your emotions and situations in life. Yet, she also provides actions to help push yourself to a more centered state which is much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her!"

“The biggest area of growth during my time as Supriya's client is my sense of self. For years I had ignored my feelings as well as my capabilities under the guise of appealing to others. I am substantially more confident in addition to being considerate to myself. Before, I was consistently feeling bitter to the point where it was harming my relationships. Supriya helped me bring awareness to my emotions and truly acknowledge them to better access my needs. Every session I felt recognized and understood. Her anecdotes helped put my feelings and experiences into perspective in ways I had not initially considered.”

“Dr. Blair taught me to focus on the present moment and to give my self permission to rest. She also encouraged me to set boundaries with people in my life… I felt as a mental health professional myself that it was important for me to go to therapy to be better equipped for my own life and working with others. My overall confidence has increased.”

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. Blair. Our sessions have been extremely helpful and were just what I needed! Dr. Blair is very easy to talk to. She's very observant and insightful. There are many ideas and concepts that Dr. Blair has presented to me that are helpful that I use and will continue to use going forward, but what I enjoyed the most, was her ability to use an anecdote or analogy to illustrate something we were working on. Her examples and analogies were always enlightening and perfectly timed. If I need therapy in the future, I will definitely return to Dr. Blair.”

“Dr. Blair was exactly the therapist I needed when I began therapy with her. Her approach is holistic with an emphasis on becoming self-aware and self-reliant. My experience was fulfilling and she guided me through the hard work that we did together… understanding and putting into practice the following: I only have control over myself and my actions… and not hold others responsible for my happiness and well-being.”

“Dr. Blair provided me with a variety of techniques I can use to better manage and control my anxiety. I also understand that I cannot control everything in life and it is okay to set appropriate boundaries for myself and others… slowing my life down a bit… not always rushing everything… breathing properly… just being able to get myself back to center faster when I have anxiety. I love myself when I am at my center. I am better equipped today to tackle any anxiety I may encounter in the future.”

“Working with Dr. Blair was a very positive experience. She treats patients with respect, listens well and provides good suggestions, tools, and frameworks to support her patients. I found that I learned a lot about myself through the process and have adapted how I think about myself and various situations, which have improved my overall day-to-day experiences. Shifting my perspective on expectations has transformed my relationships with coworkers… and family members. Dr. Blair proved a good fit for me because of her outlook and approach that is grounded in psychology but also infuses meditation, breath work and other strategies, which I found mapped onto my own personal values well.”

“I reached out to Dr. Blair due to severe sleep anxiety that began at 5 months post partum and was causing major disruptions in life and taking away the joy of spending time with our infant. Dr. Blair taught me so many effective strategies and techniques that I was able to implement immediately following our sessions. I feel like I am back to a new normal. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Blair's support.”

“Therapy provided a safe space where I could work out what was going on in my mind and the reasoning behind it. It allowed me to discover how to manage my emotions rather than my emotions managing me. I felt comfortable sharing my hardest and deepest sorrows and struggles with Supriya, and that was vital for me to deal with those areas of my life and ultimately move forward. I'm so thankful I did this and that I had an incredible experience. I choose where I go from here and I am solely responsible for it. I feel empowered. Therapy has changed my life.”

“My biggest area of growth is in my self confidence. I feel empowered that I am learning how to manage my emotions, energy and boundaries in a new way that feels aligned with my values. The tools and practices Dr. Blair has shared with me have truly changed my perceptions and behaviors. Dr. Blair continuously motivated me through my own self discovery work to stay mindful through current and new situations that would often stir up anxious feelings.”

"Dr. Blair showed up to every single session fully present with me and always ready to listen without judgement. She held a safe space for me and was always genuine and authentic in her practice. The guidance and tools that she helped me to cultivate are life changing and I would recommend anyone who is ready to do the work to see if Dr. Blair is a good fit."

"It was an amazing experience working with Dr. Blair. I felt heard, supported, safe and guided throughout our time together. Dr. Blair is an exceptional therapist and it was so bittersweet for me to end our work together. My biggest area of growth was my sense of confidence and self trust. I grew so much during my time with Dr. Blair, but most of all, she helped me to realize my own power, tap into my intuition and wisdom that was already in me. The gains that I've received through therapy are invaluable."

"Working with Dr. Blair was such a pleasure. She`s insightful, compassionate, and takes extreme care in understanding the unique need of her client. Dr. Blair helped me become grounded in the present and gave me the tools to begin to take control over my life. We worked a lot around setting boundaries and finding ways to clear my headspace. If you are looking for a therapist to give you the tools and you are willing to put them into practice, I highly recommend Dr. Blair."

"I felt Dr. Blair was an excellent therapist. She was a good listener, empathetic, and often helped me find a way to express ideas that were just below the surface. I felt that I left each of our sessions with a clear objective to work through before the next session. I looked forward to talking with her when we met."

"I`ve become much more attuned to the connection between my mind and body, and strengthened my boundaries in healthy ways. I`ve learned to think carefully about what works for me, and where I want to spend my energy, and then make choices from there. I felt a real sense of growth through my own issues and readiness to 'graduate' from therapy when the time came, and I felt that Dr. Blair helped prepare me for this transition."

“Working with Dr. Blair was very easy. I`ve experienced a decrease in my overall anxiety, and an increase in my empowerment and assertiveness. She provides helpful, actionable feedback. Her therapeutic approach is accessible to anyone, whether they have experience in therapy or not.”

“I have learned to embrace all parts of me and to take ownership of my story. I have a clearer connection to my inner voice and it has empowered me to speak up and set boundaries in my life. I feel deep gratitude for the lessons I learned from Dr. Blair. For any future clients, I recommend delving into Dr. Blair's site and blog. There is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. It honestly reflects the principles clients will explore when working with Dr. Blair.”

“I had a wonderfully positive experience working with Dr. Blair. Her values and deep knowledge in spiritual principles were evident in her writing, as they were in practice when I started my sessions with her. Dr. Blair`s openness and ability to genuinely hold space for me was an invitation to do so for myself. With Dr. Blair as my guide, I found myself leaning into ideas of self-discovery and the mind-body-spirit connection. Today I find myself more empowered, aligned with my inner authentic self and connected to my body because of our collaboration.”

“I liked that you were direct and encouraged me to take accountability for my actions, and did so in a nurturing manner. You were always so calm, reminded me to practice the techniques we discussed, and led by example.”

“You had me look at myself (both what I felt was good and bad) and allowed me to give myself permission to move through my feelings and forgive myself for anything I thought I did wrong or just didn`t get right. The process was really tough at times but it was well worth the work.”

“You were welcoming, thorough, consistent, and asked questions about what it is that I wanted. You were also thoughtful about what works for me and offered flexibility when needed.”

“Thank you for the way you poured into helping me grow into a more solid person.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health therapy?

Mental health therapy is a medical-based service that aims to strengthen and improve the connection between brain, body, and behavior. Clinically-trained psychologists understand patterns of thought/beliefs, emotional responses, and behaviors to see if they are benefitting you. In simple terms, mental health therapy could help you improve your mood, build emotional resiliency, think clearer, and draw upon a multitide of skills you will learn throughout the course of therapy.

How do telehealth therapy sessions work?

Telehealth sessions are held over a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted video conferencing platform to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. You will need a laptop/desktop with a functioning webcam and microphone. It’s required to connect over your own private wi-fi network.

How long will I be seeing you when I'm a client?

I provide short-term individual therapy services. This means I see clients every other week (biweekly) up to a full year. I have found this model to best serve my therapy clients. This is because I teach you what I know. When you practice what we talk about outside of session, you build awareness, skill, and knowledge to move forward on your own. Call it your year of therapy if you want. Regardless, my goal remains the same: helping you become your next chapter.

What times are open for therapy sessions?

Individual therapy sessions are all held online between 9am and 12pm (EST), Monday through Friday. Please note that mental health therapy is only available for adult New York State residents at this time.

What is a self-pay practice?

A self-pay, or private pay, practice is when you directly pay for services rendered. This is why I have a self-pay practice:

  • No diagnosis needed. When you self-pay, you are not required to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. If you use health insurance, a therapist will diagnose you with a mental health disorder so that you can utilize your health insurance. 
  • Privacy. When you self-pay, only you and your provider know you are in therapy, maximizing your privacy. When you use your health insurance, multiple departments within your insurance company have access to that information, reducing your privacy.
  • Individualized Care. When you self-pay, you and your healthcare provider collaborate on treatment specifics in order to serve you, the client, with transparency, integrity, and complete care. You are not limited by your insurance company’s generalized view of care.

Reach out to us at (518) 501-0092 to start your mental health wellness journey today!

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