Sweet Surrender

by | Poetry

I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m going
I don’t know how I’ll grow, but I know I’m growing
I don’t know how I’ll rise, but I know I’m rising

Sometimes all you have to do is let some of the weight go
Continue to learn that others’ burdens are not your responsibility
Your burdens are also not for others to wear

Mind yourself and maintain your independence
Keep calm and steady, for life has a lot more in store for you
There’s wisdom in the struggle, the shining, the surrender

When you are being pulled in different directions, go inside
When your voice threatens to crack, enjoy the break
When your tears are on edge, let them cleanse

You encompass an amazing art and an amazing heart
Be brave when times are tough
For the struggle is never in vain

First comes the fall, then comes the rise

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