How do you define success?

How are you actually measuring that success?

Do you compare yourself to others? Perhaps the neighbors or work colleagues?

It’s important to be clear about what success means because we often strive for things without really knowing why, besides, “I should be doing that,” or “it’s good for me.” Well, why?

As a school student, I defined success by getting good the best grades, by being liked, and by not getting in trouble. What?! Talk about perfectionism at its finest; that’s a slippery slope, considering “the best” is always up for interpretation and pleasing others is akin to walking on eggshells.

As a student of my own life, here’s where I stand today:

I define success by my ability to create balance and feel balanced in this ever-changing world.

What does that mean? Here are some examples that help me practice the art of balance:

Choosing for myself.
Apologizing when I need to.
Using my voice.
Sticking to my values.
Asking instead of assuming.
Engaging in work that I find fulfilling.
Allowing myself to cry instead of building up hurt and resentment.
Delaying gratification.

Practicing self-care.
Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
Saying no when I need to.
Saying yes when I can.
Practicing gratitude.
Trusting the right people.
Working smart instead of working hard.
Utilizing creative outlets to express myself.

Perhaps my definition of success will change as I gain more experience in this world. Yet, for the time being, I’m happy with the maybes I learn along the way:

Maybe true success is defined by our ability to love.
Perhaps our virtues that are upheld throughout the test of time are a reflection of our success.

Maybe success is measured by our ability to learn and grow.
Perhaps our deepest sorrows can lead to our greatest joys.

Maybe you are your own greatest gift.
Perhaps a successful life means we are strong in character, dignified in action, and humble in presence.

May you live a life full of success, meaning, and care.

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