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Ever feel like you’re driving yourself crazy? Running around focusing on details that aren’t really important? Stress, misaligned priorities, and anxiety can do this to you!

I remember a time where I would analyze the corners of my house to make sure there was no dust there or make sure my shoes and books were lined up perfectly. I knew if someone saw what I was doing, they would think I was crazy! I sure felt crazy!

The truth is, we can’t do everything at once, and not everything requires our immediate attention. That strong sense of urgency we get arises out of fear and anxiety. This is your body and mind’s way of telling you to slow down, be present, and breathe.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to keep yourself grounded when you’re going a mile a minute. A simple exercise you can engage in is focusing on your ingoing and outgoing breath to calm your physiology and slow down your mind. Try focusing on a certain phrase, such as “I’m okay” as you take slow, even breaths in and out, for 3-5 minutes. The important part is that we commit to the exercise and not rush it along. As we breathe deeply, we help oxygenate our bodies with fresh air and clear some of the clutter in our mind. The best part about focusing on your breath is you can do it anywhere you want and no one, except you, will know what you’re up to!

Next time, you’re running around crazy, breathe out your stress!

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