Self-Healer and Self-Love

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Time is not the biggest healer… You are. You are a magnificent creative being, ascribing meaning to this life. Time is a concept and is different from Divine Timing. You are your greatest gift and your biggest challenge. Life unfolds according to you, and healing unfolds according to you. When your efforts are aligned with Divine Grace, this results in incredible blessings.

The best thing in this world is to stay true to yourself, have compassion for others’ journeys, and live a life without regret. By living your life according to your own heart song, you will disappoint a lot of people.


Perpetual misunderstanding. You cannot avoid this. Other people cannot hear your heart song, nor is it for them to hear. You living according to what’s written on your heart sets you free from the constraints of many arbitrary rules that we follow, including who to be, how to be, when to be, and whom to love.

If it comes from a place of love, you’re on the right track.

10 Reminders for Self-Love:

  1. I am worthy of my Highest Self
  2. Within me lies pure treasure
  3. I am never too much and always enough (Never Have I Ever by Mindy Kaling)
  4. I can be my own best friend
  5. My inner child is an incredible gift
  6. My light is irreplaceable
  7. My heart is my true wealth
  8. I can live a life true to my values and authentic in expression
  9. I forgive all others, including myself, for any hurt we have collectively caused me
  10. Within me, lies all the power I will ever need in my beautiful life

Cheers to you, you beautiful being,

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