Rhythm of Life

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What do musicians, dancers, runners, yogis, comedians, and writers have in common?


Rhythm is recognized as a necessary skill for musicians and dancers. However, have you ever considered rhythm as an art form in and of itself? Whether you are a yogi flowing through various asanas or a runner synergizing movement with pavement, you will find that life is rhythmic.

You might even call it the rhythm of life.

Breathing is arguably the simplest and most profound rhythmic tool we have.

Calm our breath, cool our heads.

There’s a rhythm to writing. The actual act of writing is therapeutic when we are attuned to the present, where art is created by pen, paper, thought, and heart.

Child, adult, parent, grandparent. The cycle of life is rhythmic. All things come and go, ebb and flow.

Pay attention to your rhythm. Find rhythm in everything you do – from the way you walk and the way you talk, to the way you get steady, calm, and ready.

Rhythm incorporates the highs and lows. The lows can be easier if we are present, open, and relaxed.

When we lose sight of our rhythm, we expend more energy than is necessary. We’ll find ourselves with additional aches and pains in our bodies and anxieties lodged in our minds. We’re often engaged in breathing that is jagged and shallow, instead of slow, even, and full. When our rhythm is off, it’s a good sign to get in-tune with our feelings and needs, and remember to deep breathe.

We are upbeat when we are on the beat.

Pay attention to your rhythm. When you find it, it becomes easier to recognize its cousin, harmony.

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