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When you create something that is original, it is source material. It’s valuable because it came from a deeper part of you. 

Self-expression takes vulnerability. It takes courage to be you in raw form. Raw form entails that you are not putting up a mask or a “social image.” You are expressing yourself within your boundaries: this is empowerment.

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to be yourself. Finding your own expression entails quieting the language of “shoulds” and doubt in your head. When you are uniquely yourself, you don’t have to second guess yourself because you are not trying to measure up to anyone else. Be your best self, not someone else’s second best.

Prepare your soil of creativity. Play with the ingredients. Have fun.

The best way to express yourself is to practice moving the expression through you, whether this means making sounds with your vocal instrument, writing words on paper, swaying your body, etc. Practicing this movement without expecting a result: this is the art. Practicing consistently: this is the discipline. 

You are all: the soil, the stem, and the blossom. 

Enjoy your bloom.



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