“This is a wonderful day, I’ve never seen this one before.” — Maya Angelou


A new dawn cloaked upon us

A new day yet to unveil us

A new year for chances to awaken us

A new beginning to create us


Here’s to the mystery

Stepping into eternity’s uncharted

At the beginning of the end

New heroes are needed to emerge


There comes a time

When we learn that nature’s play is no match

For the universe embedded deep inside

As Divinity grows within us

We learn that no one can ever be beneath us


Round and round we go

Until Grace appears and bestows us

Dare not judge

Or you’ll miss it all

For the Wise One appears cloaked and veiled

Ready to awaken and create us


Follow the Wise One

Listen to Its whispers

Know there is always a forthcoming beginning

When the Self arises tall, awakened and anew, lifted from the fallen ashes

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