Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness for Women

Mindfulness and Self-care for the new, empowered you

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Your thoughts about who you are and your attitudes toward life and living influence the way you operate in the world. Learning to empower yourself by cultivating self-affirmative beliefs, knowing what your truth is despite who else is around, and observing vs. reacting to the stream of thoughts in your head, leads to greater confidence and trust in yourself.


Your body holds emotions you experience (e.g., an uneasy stomach when you are nervous, a heavy heart when you are sad, a lump in your throat when you are afraid). Learning how to use the power of your breath to manage emotions enhances well-being and your connection to your body. Taking care of your body via exercise, rest, self-soothing touch, and proper sleep are also key contributors to your wellness.


You have an internal identity in addition to your more visible external identity. Your internal identity encompasses your personal connection to your Higher Self/Universe/Creator. Cultivating faith in your Self or a Higher power garners strength to take a step forward regardless of your story. Stories don’t change by themselves; they change as a result of consciously choosing your next steps.

In life coaching, the whole person is emphasized: cultural influences, lifestyle factors, thinking patterns, emotions, relationships, spiritual connectedness, and purpose. By aligning the connections in these areas, you can make empowering choices and embrace greater well-being.

Mind-body-spirit wellness is all about being your best self and taking responsibility for all of your life choices; living the life you want because it comes from your heart; recognizing your dreams are planted within you, so being resolved to make your own dreams come true. Mind-body-spirit wellness begins by choosing yourself.

Coaching with Supriya

Any growth you make requires commitment to doing the work. I have found clients who get the most out of life coaching, put in the most: demonstrating openness to their own experience, receptivity to feedback, motivation, and honest dialogue. Evolving is a process of change. Collaboration and self-reflection are important in our work together.

I collaborate with clients offering mindfulness, self-inquiry, positive psychology, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), and yogic principles to get you and your wellness leveled up.

Dr. Supriya

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