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Life… what is it?

As someone who has been a deep thinker from a young age, this has been, for me, a year of many, many musings.

This is a year where I’ve welcomed a soul into the world and said goodbye to a departed one.

Hellogoodbye. A formidable juxtaposition.

We’ve seen love and light take to the streets, raising consciousness amongst fear and ignorance.

We’ve seen a United country divided. A formidable juxtaposition.

What is this thing called life?

It seems to me, that life is unfinished work.

Life is an unfinished process. We are here to do the work.

What work you may ask?

Isn’t that the million dollar question

We check things off, only to find them on our list once again.

We move through childhood, schooling, marriage, middle age, career, retirement, and old age. Or maybe we don’t.

Life is a series of processes, and many hold the image of a destination as their ultimate goal

Yet life is really more about striving toward

Goodwill, kindness, and sharing who it is You really are

Life is about encompassing

Encompassing Grace, wisdom, discernment, gratitude, and service

Life is about our soul’s revolutionary evolution

Life is about leaning into the present moment

Allowing the unmanifested to unfold in its due Divine time

Trusting the abundance that was created just for us

Taking ahold of your story, letting go of ego story, and walking forward one faithful step at a time

Life is about forgiving who you were yesterday

Forgoing worry about who you may be tomorrow

By expressing who you are today

Being the best you is the only thing there really is to do

Life is about acceptance not expectance

Life is about turning recovery and adversity into strength and discovery

Life is about letting go of who you think you should be and embracing the gifts that were designated just for you

Life is about allowing others to walk their Truth while giving yourself permission to do the splendid same

Life is about integrity in a gritty world

Life is about showing up unapologetically, shedding false narratives and fear-based beliefs

Life is about mustering courage to give up everything that you are not, so go

In this process of unfinished work, which we call life, the only thing that’s complete is love

Life is about love

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