A floating image

A fleeting thought

All that is out is all that is naught


Our experience leads us to knowledge

And when we use that knowledge we become wise

Yet All that You are is quite a bit more


As we rise and we fall, we rise again once more

We dance and we cry

In the scenes passing by

But yet that is not “it” when we die


Everything is told through a perspective

An imagined perceived curated difference

No one was ever created better than another

Only when we reach Truth do all the false bridges fall away


We’re in a time when human rights are considered optional

My oh my

The horrors accompanying this pathological sin


We face and we regret

We grow and we climb

The destination is truly yours to arrive


We frolic and play as the day passes by

A world of One

Yet to become


A piece of it all

Listening to Truth Love’s call

Rewriting the books

Using your voice

Make a vow

To better his Our story

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