3 Psychologists Share Their Tips for Staying Positive Through the Winter


3 psychologists share their tips for staying positive through the winter

By Kaitlyn McInnis Posted by  Ladders 2020-12-13https://img.particlenews.com/image.php?url=4Gmsvm_0XzMhLAx00

The days are getting colder, shorter, and darker, which means that winter is officially right around the corner—and while most of us embrace the season as a time to get together with family, travel south to escape the cold, or to slow down and get bundled up and cozy at home, this year will be a little different—and perhaps harder to get through than previous chilly seasons.

Staying positive through the cold winter months can be difficult on a good year—but especially during a pandemic where socializing is limited and we’ve already spent most of the year at home.

Thankfully, there are ways to make the winter a little more bearable. Below, we spoke to three psychologists and wellness experts to get their top tips on how to stay more positive throughout the loneliness of winter.

From taking up new hobbies to avoiding comparing your happiness levels to others, here are some practical ways to make the most of the winter months during a pandemic.

Take on a new project (with an end date in mind)

“Think about a time-limited project (e.g., 2-3 months) you could partake in to help promote a sense of excitement, curiosity, and fulfillment,” suggests Dr. Supriya Blair, Clinical Psychologist and Owner of Dr. Blair Psychology, LLC in New York.

“Some suggestions might include starting a yoga program, remote work with a personal trainer, cleaning out a room/closet, or reading two books for leisure.”

Start journaling

Dr. Blair suggests using the winter months to finally start that gratitude journal you’ve been meaning to make a habit. “This is a crucial time to find multiple silver linings within this unpredictable year that could carry into the beginning of next year,” she explains.

In this gratitude journal, you might consider writing down what you have gained from this year: Is it learning about your own resiliency, strengthening family relationships, saying ‘no’ to people or circumstances that no longer serve you, cultivating a new habit or skill, valuing your time and energy, etc.?

Viewing yourself and your circumstances in a new light can often help release a sense of heaviness and overwhelm.

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