“Birth and death are the two sides of the same coin. [The] moment you are born, you are born with death. As much as the length of the life, so much is the length of the death. If a person lived for 90 years, [that] means death, which is a process, lived with him for 90 years. And then it is completed at the age of 90. So, there is no living without dying. And there is no dying without living. Living and dying go together.” — Dr. Vasant Lad

Yesterday here

Tomorrow no more

Where is it that you have gone?


In the wake of your ashes

Memories flood

And old bonds re-appear


The show must go on

And on it will go

And what goes on will show


Merry-go-round of thoughts

Images and reflections

Death is no easy thing


Life emerges

Death recycles

Circles of life


May your soul rest in peace

As the ones left behind forge on

Rhythm of Infinity brings You to breathe a new life

Life is a painful gift. It is meant for us to grow; our evolution does not come without its share of pain and loss. However, life shows up for each person differently because we are the makers of our life. We are the ones who assign it meaning, purpose, and ultimately, choose our own fulfillment.

Life is too short to be a people-pleaser. Life is too short to be a perfectionist. Life is too short to hold on to grudges, jealousies, regrets, and ill-will.

Show up as you. Learn from your experiences. Put your pure knowledge into constant practice. Stay in your brilliant lane that is uniquely and unapologetically yours. Give thanks as often as you can. Share your gifts every day. Let go of expectations and the results of your actions. Accept life as it unfolds around you. Change what you must. Surrender to the rest. Embody the Higher You that resides within you. Be the spectacular person You are, so that when it is time to say goodbye, it is a good farewell and a sweet hello somewhere new.

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