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Life Coaching integrates customized wellness guidance en route to achieving your personal goals. Coaching with Supriya is available for adults throughout the United States and conducted via a secure, confidential video conferencing platform.

Dr Supriya Blair Life Coach NY

Supriya Blair is a Dual-Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Coach in NY. She received her coaching certifications from the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program. Supriya is the founder of Empowered and Embodied, LLC. She has been coaching clients online in her life coaching practice since 2021.

"Boundaries… understanding myself… expressing myself… I had a great experience. I've learned a lot about myself and what I'm going through. I started off very frustrated about where I am in life, and unable to explain how I was feeling. Supriya was able to direct me, calm me and see a new direction and become more positive… I think everything she does from actually listening to the client and having an outsider's insight is excellent.”

“My experience was what I had hoped for. Nonjudgmental, thoughtful and grounding. She'll listen without making you feel insecure, she'll stay in unpleasant moments with you and open your eyes to what's beyond the moment, and the shared culture is a giant bonus.”

"Learning and talking through experiences with Supriya has helped greatly in the way I look at the things inside me and around me. Being able to process the good with the bad and stay within myself has helped given me a better appreciation of myself to carry with me. I learned tons of tricks and skills to practice every single day to continue to become the person I want to become."

"I felt overwhelmed by my caretaking responsibilities and could not enjoy my life. Life coaching has provided me with some realistic behaviors I can use to be more positive and confident, and has taught me to live more in the present than the past or the future. I also picked up some ways of coping with resentments I have…”

"If you are looking for a Coach that listens and supports you, Supriya is that Coach. Her ability to listen and assist me in reflecting played a large part in me being able to process through many emotions, connect to them and look from a different perspective. Supriya is a careful listener and a gentle soul. In our sessions I felt completely heard and it felt safe to share my deepest thoughts and emotions in the coaching space. She will help you find processes that let you learn the answers and direction you are seeking."

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never seen a life coach before, what's the scoop?

Who: Goodness-of-fit means that your level of comfort, trust, and goals are matched with my scope of practice.

What: Life coaching involves collaborating with you by engaging in active dialogue, identifying roadblocks to meeting your goals, and offering you personalized recommendations to get you leveled-up. 

Where: We meet via a secure video platform, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

When: We meet online for biweekly sessions.

Why: People seek life coaching when they feel drawn to grow from their lived experiences and enhance wellness to move forward in life.

Please note: Life coaching is not mental health therapy nor is it a substitute.

What do I need to meet online for life coaching?

You will need a laptop (preferably) or smartphone with a functioning webcam and microphone. It’s required to connect over your own private wi-fi network.

How many life coaching sessions do I need?

To start, book an initial phone consultation (above), during which I will learn about you and your coaching goals.

I see individual coaching clients every other week (biweekly) for a 6-12 month span. Biweekly sessions help build insight, reinforce practice, and gain mastery. Your specific goals and our collaborative effort will help hone in on your unique coaching blueprint.

When you become an established client, you will receive initial paperwork on our client portal prior to your first session. Payment is collected at the start of each session via credit card on our secure client portal.

What times are available for life coaching?

All coaching sessions are online between 9am and 4pm (EST), Tuesday through Thursday.

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