Into the Void

by | Poetry

And just like that
Out with the old
In with the new

Into the void
And out go the blues

Absence of mind
Restored with the new
Gone is the noise
And in with at-tune

A sweet release
When the mind is at bay
And the void is so clear

Reverberating in Essential Nature
Akin to a splendor of showers
Exploring the playgrounds uncharted
Where love becomes Our number one armor

A fire ablaze
A glow in tow
All that is mine
Is all that is Thine

For not much more I want
Than the sweet surrender of naught
Where nature meets nurture in your Divine Abyss

Outcries of rage
Never hence-more
Once forever is born
In You, Truth forms

A letter to you
Is all I can do
Whenever You call
I am sent heretofore


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