In the Now

by | Poetry

I sit in my childhood home
Decades apart
Yet time comes flooding back

Brought back to those young dreams, hopes, and wishes
Truly a humbling fact that things never happen the way we plan
Carried by a thought, rustled by the wind

I skipped rocks and saw the glistening lake
Pearls of wisdom within this soil
Searched the world looking for It
And all of it was here all along

In the space that remains
Whether it be days or decades away
I hope to sit by this glistening lake
Feeling Earth’s strength expansive in all directions

I’ve observed and observed
The pieces are clicking
Unraveled and unentangled
A witness to the patterns of stories

I look back further and see the unbridled wisdom
I look back sooner and see the confusion
I look now and I see freedom

Owning who I am
Taking no responsibility for another
There is a lightness when you care for your own unique expression
A vehicle, a light, a voice
Yes, Truth resides within

A passenger in this world
Doing good things everyday
Uncharted and unequivocal
i am coming undone
As such, I am complete

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