How to Take Care of Yourself Over the Holidays

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With all the excitement, bustle, dread, and commotion of the holidays, people often forget to take care of themselves before ringing in the New Year. Here are some tips to appreciate the holiday season while keeping your wellbeing in check:

1. Take a break from your mind.

Step out of the story in your head and step into the present moment. Come back into your body, press your toes into the Earth, and let your body take a deep metaphoric sigh as you relax into the present moment. Repeat as often as possible.

2. Go outside.

Take a deep breath of refreshing crisp air. As you exhale, release any pressure you may feel to be “on” all the time, appear a certain way, or please those around you.

3. Know your boundaries.

There are so many emotions swirling around this time of year: love, loss, joy, grief, excitement, regret, gratitude, exhaustion, only to name a few. Most people experience a combination of different emotions. Don’t test your limits. This is the season to practice patience, compassion toward yourself and others, and calm, clear boundaries.

4. Remind yourself it’s okay not to participate in a conversation.

If there is a conversation you do not care for/is triggering/draining, etc., give yourself permission to excuse yourself, gently exit the conversation, or simply witness someone else’s self-expression without reacting.

5. Feel gratitude.

Consciously choose things you are grateful for: the quiet moments, the opportunity to recall memories of loved ones, the cackle and warmth of a fire, moments of ease and rest, the anticipation of seeing loved ones, the safety and wellbeing of those around you, etc. Some of these grateful moments may be fleeting, but calling them forth and feeling into them as often as you can, may help you let go of some weight that accompanies this time of year.

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