How to Get Through Life Transitions

by | Self Care

Change can be hard. Change forces us, whether we want it or not, to step outside of our comfort zones. Transitions shake up our sense of normalcy, challenge existing complacency, and require self-belief to keep moving forward.

Here are seven reminders as you encounter your next life change:

  1. Go slow so you can pivot along the way. You will undoubtedly make pivots.
  2. Make space for all the feels… there’s not one right way to move through a transitional phase. However, if you accept where you are at, how you feel, and what you need, those are big steps toward addressing how to best care for yourself through your specific transition.
  3. Connect to your values and practices that ground you (e.g., calm your breath, connect to Mother Earth). Finding your center/inner calm is a lifelong practice and superpower.
  4. It’s not uncommon for there to be shifts in your inner circle and larger tribe. Remember the “season, reason, or lifetime” quote.
  5. Don’t project the past onto current circumstances (e.g., “I used to be so good at moving/changing jobs, etc.). You are not who you were then and are no longer under the same set of circumstances. You’re human, not automated.
  6. Move forward with intention. Sometimes life transitions present the opportunity for us to shed some layers/create something new. Shedding what hasn’t served us and creating from a more conscious, loving place is a tremendous way to use transitions as gifts.
  7. People go through shifts in our own unique ways… lower your expectations for yourself and others when you’re in the midst of a change.

Good luck on your transformation!


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