How to Be Mindful Everyday

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Mindfulness means being in the moment, not being caught up in our mind-stuff.

The following are three tips to be mindful in our daily living:

1. Breathe.

Slow, even breaths in and out from our belly function to calm the nervous system, which in turn allows us to feel calmer in our body and in our mind. So many of us are in need of feeling grounded and centered. By focusing on belly breathing and the movement of air in and out of our body, we are attuned to the here-and-now instead of the there-and-then. As often as you remember, go back to your breath.

2. Intentionality.

Move with intention, speak with intention, write with intention, etc. In other words, be deliberate about what you are doing in the exact moment, so you’re not rushing ahead or lagging behind. Time is a huge component related to mindfulness. When we carry “the past” or “the future” by thinking about other things that already happened or worry about what could happen, we essentially devalue the present moment and the richness of what we can accomplish now. The goal is to be exactly where you are.

3. Schedule daily breaks at work.

These breaks can be anywhere between 3-15 minutes. The purpose of this is to break up the workday, allow our brain and body to relax, and shake up the pattern of functioning on autopilot. There are several different mindfulness strategies that can be used during one or more of these breaks, such as:

  • a) Use of a mindfulness app to meditate, deep breathe, or focus on self-affirmations.
  • b) Slowly stretch to awaken and loosen muscles
  • c) Gently massage your arms, wrist, fingers, shoulders, and neck

PS: It’s easier to smile, laugh, and play when we are present!

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