I have a strong sense of nostalgia

Of another time, another place

Where I was trying to figure out more about the human race


Age and time are funny

Clock keeps ticking as the days go by


Outside is blooming as another turn is upon us

As winter closes and spring’s ushered in

Oh, how will you fill the days of your lives?


I get nostalgia of a time in the future

A shifting leap upon the edge of something wonderful

Leaps and bounds ahead

I see ease full of gentle leaves


My wisdom of whites are shining through

Making their presence known among the curls of black

My skin breathes free and soon breathes me


Bold steps and breakthroughs all come beckoning

“Stand tall and open up”

Use your voice to tell a story

Be strong and take no worry


A close in a chapter means a brand new rapture

My hair holds stories from a past from before

Thank you and wish you well

For here’s goodbye, so now we part

Proud, grateful, and walking tall

As I reminisce upon my fresh new start

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