I’ve had three big heart feels this past week.

1. Earlier this week, I met with a client who was recounting some of his experiences since we began working together. At one point, he said, “God makes you who you are.” I paused, and then asked him what he meant. What ensued was a very meaningful conversation. The only thing I could add to his poignant reflection was, “God makes you who you are, and God doesn’t make any mistakes.”

We are all graced with certain gifts: from the gift of storytelling, creating connections, helping others feel understood, and songwriting, to teaching children how to grow and prosper in the world. Yet, we surely at some point have all felt a certain block when we didn’t allow our heart to express itself.

Fear of failure, fear of being criticized, and fear of “not being good enough” are common reasons we hold our hearts back. Who says our heart, our gift, or our creative expression is not good enough? Our creator doesn’t make rough drafts. As humans, we have created our own rough drafts, so now we need to keep growing and refining until we experience ourselves as our own masterpieces.

2. Shortly after meeting with this client, I met a local mental health professional to network. I was struck by her presence. She was fully there during our meeting. She was honest, open, and kind. It was refreshing. Here was someone who did not put on a certain air or play a certain role. She struck me as a person who knows what she is about and is a compassionate person beyond her role as a healer.

What’s true is that you can only share your heart in the present. It’s pointless comparing one beautiful and kind heart to another’s. Doing so only builds upon any existing insecurity.

3. I’m a big fan of Calum Scott, a singer-songwriter from the U.K. I’m a big fan because he shows up as he is and creates his art from such an honest, loving space. Take a look: No Matter What by Calum Scott.

We all have a light deserving to be shone. We are graced with gifts that glow brighter when shone together. The gifts that mean the most are the ones that come from within because you were given them to nourish. You were given them to embrace and polish. You were given your heart’s gifts to share, just like God gave his/her/its gifts to share.

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