Have You Ever?

by | Poetry

Do you ever get tired of all the ways you keep your hat out of the ring?

When you try to close back up and hide in your outgrown cocoon?


Have you ever thought of how painful it is to shrink into places that are too small to fit?

Have you ever thought of the beauty in openness and expansion?


Have you ever considered the freedom that dawns upon you when you say what you mean and mean what you say?


Did you ever notice that “extraordinary” people are “ordinary” people who did extra work in putting themselves out there in the world?

Have you ever really thought about how extraordinary You are?


Have you ever found peace in the moments between your thoughts?

Have you ever danced in the symphony of silence and surrender?


Have you ever thanked the Good Lord for writing a masterpiece known as Your Soul?

Have you ever looked at the sky and created a story amongst the stars?

Have you ever listened to the rhythm of your own heart?

Have you ever fully immersed yourself in the beauty of a baby’s laugh?

Have you ever lived a day in the present, honoring Your Presence, and the peace that encompasses the glory of this moment?


Throw your hat in the ring.

Be the Divine Spark that is already within.

Take a chance. Hold no regrets. Don’t take things personally. And most importantly, be yourself: the honest, kind, unfiltered, goofy, curious, and loving person you already are… you weren’t created to be anyone else

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