Get Back on the Horse

by | Poetry

Downfalls are easy
Land slide
Cards crumble

It is the ascent that takes work
The daily grind
The consistent one foot in front of the other

’Tis human nature to experience setbacks
But it’s setting for the back up part that builds strength

Opportunities are pearls found in the dust
Challenges that bring about inherent greatness

Detachment from the results
Results in abundance of riches

Truly in a lane of your own
Your path can’t ever be forlorn
Yours from the beginning
Forgotten maybe but nothing short of eternity

When you embrace that which is naturally gifted to you
There is no wish to be like another

Life lessons come veiled in different forms
Biggest lesson in life is to dis-cover your Self

Growing falling stumbling climbing
Beyond the illusion
Into the unknown profound
Is where I abound

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