For a Little While

by | Poetry

Golden hour
Half past sunset
Trying to reclaim prior glory
Just to find it fleeting
Like a fistful of water

We stumbled we climbed we swung and we missed
We hit we ran we howled and we hooted
’Till the morning sun we celebrated

In the wild hours of glory
Need I remind you that it’s all a story
We are here as an important reminder
That salvation is in the ether within us

As I move through this journey
May I always be aware of You
Journeying within me
Enveloping me to trust in my very own best

The trust the faith the climb
Are all part of this time
For I do not have forever here on this Earth
So if we come across and meet

Know that I am a faithful passenger on my journey
Wishing you safe travels on your train ride of life
Be well and take good care
For we are only here for a little while

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