Flame in My Heart

by | Poetry

There’s a light inside

A flame in my heart

It grows as I give

And shines as I surrender


You met me at one time

Looked inside

And renewed that glow

That flame that is always there

With Your help, grows forevermore


You saw in there a place to keep Your love

Was it always so simple

To love and give heart

As if it were a newfound art


Well in some ways it is

Our hearts beat differently

To the music that has always been the same

Your flame in my heart is my most cherished gift


Your Grace and my surrender

Outshine any physical splendor

For we have naught when we come in this world

And naught when we exit this world

Except our actions we orchestrate, narrate, and illustrate


The journey back Home is a colorful one

A long one

A meaningful one

And definitely

A most welcomed one

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