Building Blocks to Greatness

by | Self Care

Doubts are demons.

They cloud your judgment, diminish your light, and suck the living energy out of you.
Then, why do you continue to doubt yourself?

Well, simply put, it’s a pattern. Patterns grow because you practice them.

The way to get through insecurity is by creating safety for yourself — safety within your body and safety within your thoughts — reminding yourself that you have the ability and capacity to move through your fears. Just the fact that you are here, today, means you already have tons of experience moving through your fears.

Nothing in life is finite; so an embarrassing moment, stage fright, or the like, is fleeting. You are the only one who gives it a continuing narrative.

Next time you doubt yourself, give yourself a creative experiment instead. Keep it simple — practice stepping outside of your comfort zone consistently, and reflect on how much freer you feel when you move through your doubts and experience successful struggle.

Successful struggle builds self-esteem. Build on, carry on!

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