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“You may be tall I may be small, but inside we are the same length of strength” – Mattie Stepanek

The older I become, the more convinced I am that children have an innate, pure intelligence that is beyond the skills of reasoning and logic. They know. I am also convinced that children wait for us “adults” to “get it.”

I’ve had the privilege of having two family reunions this summer. One fun fact of having a large family: there’s always a kid to play with 🙂

It might not come as a surprise, but I like to people watch. I especially like to watch young children’s wheels turning. It’s as though they wake up, walk slowly to their caretaker, rub the sleepies from their eyes, slowly begin to smile as those sweet twinkles light up their eyes and the mischievous schemes begin!

There’s such a sweet innocence and authenticity in the questions children ask, statements they make, and curiosity about the things in life.

Children exude kindness and warmth because that’s what they are made of… they are unbridled and unattached. They don’t know or care to label, judge, or discriminate in their natural healthy state.

What did you know as a child that you can benefit from today?

Here’s my list. Things I inherently knew as a kid:

  1. Just be kind.
  2. Wishes come true.
  3. Smile.
  4. If I want to learn, I need to ask questions.
  5. Believe in those unexplainable good feelings.
  6. What goes around comes around.
  7. Root for the underdog.
  8. Music is magical.
  9. Love makes the world go round.

Your guiding principles or values are tested throughout life. Pay attention to the ones that stand the test of time. Your principles are your teachers. Some lessons may take longer and are harder to learn. But your journey is worth investing in.

Have you said hi to your younger self today? If not, what would you want to say? What do you think he or she would want to say to you?

Your relationship with your younger self is one of the most important relationships you can ever have, and taking care of your younger self will inherently help you be a better parent.

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