Back to the Future

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Just as we honor our inner child, that comes with its own intuitive intelligence and pure energy, I think it’s also important to honor our future self; a future self who hopefully is wiser and more compassionate than we are today. I say hopefully because wouldn’t this be an amazing goal to strive for: to grow in love, kindness, and wisdom?

Here’s a call to celebrate our future self, that can now look back and see how our journey has transpired and the lessons Life has been putting in front of us to learn along the way.

While I am my inner child’s “future self,” and can look back and see how her journey has transpired and the lessons Life has been putting in front of me to learn along the way, I certainly keep striving to be a better version of myself as I hop, stumble, climb, swing, and walk through life into my future. I want to grow a genuine relationship with my future Self: to be able to draw upon the strength and knowledge of a wiser version of myself.

I ask my clients about their “legacy story:” if you had to look back on your life and view it retrospectively, what would you have your life be about? What legacy would you like to leave behind?

The question then becomes how can we all zoom out during our daily happenings and remember to live our legacy?

Legacies are built from the bottom up and start from within. I imagine my future Self beckoning me to:

Keep sharing my love through words.

Say yes with an open heart.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Move through… let go… and breathe.

Say no with kindness.

Live with a grateful heart and let go of self-limiting beliefs that only I create for myself.

Remember that every day is a new day.


Stay humble.


Remember that one day, every thing will make sense. Stay curious, live in awe, and do my personal best and no one else’s “best.”

This is what I want: to grow wiser, kinder, and more giving as I live all the seasons of my life.

What do you want?

I hope your daily life becomes a tribute to the legacy you wish to create as your journey continues through all of its own seasons.

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