Are You Listening?

by | Mindfulness

Many things in life appear to be a paradox; yet these seeming paradoxes serve our greater good. When we are in a rush, we find ourselves in traffic. The moments we feel the busiest, are the times we need to meditate and s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n. the most.

When we are accepting and grateful, life has a way of handing us more situations to be grateful for.

Life presents people/situations in our outer world so that we can constantly make choices:

How can we choose to be independent with the lure of being liked?
How can we choose our inner truth when faced with a desire to please others?
How can we get comfortable in our own bodies when the larger world tells us our bodies aren’t “perfect”?

How can we believe in our inner guidance when we are bombarded by others’ opinions?
How can we cultivate faith and openness to Spirit when faced with a world that is attached to the mind?
How can we become pioneers of our own lives and practice good values, good manners, and authentic living, in a world that is incredibly judging?

Life is always whispering to us, encouraging us, nudging us toward our Higher good. Are you listening?

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