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Affirmations are words we feed ourselves. Affirmations become a part of our self-talk, whether they are positive (“I am strong”) or negative (“I suck”). Words shape our outlook on life and our worldview. The words we feed ourselves, over time, grow into our belief system. Similar to the way we nourish our bodies with nutrient-rich and wholesome food, we need to nourish our mind with nutrient-rich language.

Here’s a wonderful article about affirmations and the importance of saying them in the present tense… the only time that is real. Here’s a list of my affirmations I choose to nurture my mind with:

I am blessed.
I am worthy.
I am loved.

I choose truth.
I choose wonder.
I choose to keep myself amongst good company.

I say yes to trust.
I say yes to a change of seasons.
I say yes to Grace.

I am whole.
I am complete.
I am God’s child.

I choose to honor my place in this world.
I choose to be moved by others’ light.
I choose kindness.

I say yes to generosity.
I say yes to prudence.
I say yes to God having the first say and the last say in my life.

What do you say?

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