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“Enhancing your connection with yourself is pivotal in how you deal with relationships and situations outside of you. I guide women into how to do the work. Empowerment is my main goal as a Life Coach: helping you refine, define, and tune into your mind-body-spirit needs.”

This is where my wellness journey began: I was called to the spiritual path when I was 20 years old studying abroad in Ecuador.

Prior to this, I thought my life checked all the boxes:

Z Loving Immigrant/First American-born Family

Z Hard worker
Z Good grades
Little Supriya
Z Healthy mind + healthy body
Z Kind
Z Ambitious
Trying to Find Myself

Despite being blessed with these, there was something wrong…

I was smiling on the outside, but inside I felt a disconnect.

I felt lost and confused.

My expectations of myself, others, and how the world “should” be was leading to feeling misunderstood and hurt. I was having trouble reconciling my American independence with Indian interdependence.

I questioned if I was selfish.

I was not.

Dearest Shri Guruji

I was being called to stop searching for outside happiness and approval. I was being called to start going inside and connect to my real Self: to honor my unique individual path and take complete ownership of my life.

I was being called to my own empowerment, authenticity, and healing en route to discovering who I really am.

My Spiritual Teacher

Life has a way of first whispering to us before its calls get louder. Until we finally listen. I listened this time because the call for my spiritual wellness was unmistakable…

This is my story I had to own before I became my next chapter 💜

Bicultural Identity
About Dr. Supriya Blair

I have deep understanding of human behavior from my background as a psychologist. As a life coach, I guide you to your own self-empowerment, coach you into your authenticity, and tune into your mind-body-spirit needs.

What’s the story you have to own before becoming your next chapter?

My Why: Wellness-based Life Coaching

“I’ve always been drawn to people and intrigued by patterns. Curious as to why we do the things we do. Why we pick the choices we choose. And why we find ourselves in repeating patterns. As a teenager, I found some joy when someone felt heard and seen by a thoughtful response.

I’ve also been touched by kindness, hurt, longing, and healing in my own life. I’ve learned that all of our stories weave together tales of adventure, pain, success, blocks, breakthroughs, light, love, confusion, meaning, and acceptance. My path to integrating wellness really began when I sought to find the missing link in my mind-body-spirit journey: my connection to my Self…

Writing, especially poetry, has been a powerful outlet for me since I was young. I write as an expression of Joy; when I’m at peace; when emotions feel too big; when thoughts pull me in different directions; when I need to remind myself to honor and stay in my own authentic lane in this Big World.

My love for sharing mind-body-spirit wellness began when I learned to love myself for how my Divine Maker created me.

As a strong advocate of celebrating humanness and making conscious choices, I’ve found holistic wellness to be the personal and career path for me. Investing in my wellness has changed my life. I look forward to helping you navigate shifting chapters in your own life.”

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