A Tale of Unsung Heroes

by | Short Story

She sat in a quiet reverie, a sundry of thoughts thrown into the glistening lake
A thought went into the lake, accompanying each rock, with its own untold legacy
She was waiting for release
Waiting to get to the other side

Why, she asked, why is it like this? 
Her mind reverberated with questions
She whispered to the air around her, the tale of unsung heroes…

She believed she was special
Her resiliency climbed to the top of every mountain peak
She overcame the unconquerable… though the world did not believe her, she finally was reaching the other side
The painful quiet that used to be submerged under a symphony of lullabies was dissipating
A symphony of promises of Grace, love, and acceptance was blooming…

That’s all she ever wanted
To belong
To feel as though she was meant for something more

She was almost there… piercing that bliss with full vibrancy
She looked back on the trail that led her to the glistening lake
She looked back and saw the dirt path, she saw the muddied water, the broken earth that caused her to trip, stumble, fall, and crumble
She looked again, this time seeing the sunshine peaking out under the clouds, the quiet breeze of the thoughtful trees, and the warmth of the sky above her
She looked within and felt a roaring fire waiting for release

She was the story of the unsung hero
She had it all within her
She was waiting for her release
So close, she thought, I am almost there

Her roaring fire was waiting to erupt from the volcano of her heart to emit light, love, and laughter on the path she walked
I am all and all is me, she mused
She looked into the glistening lake – a promise of clarity, peace, joy, and faith
She saw the future, she saw the change, she saw her portrait like a crystal clear image in front of her mind’s eye 
She had arrived… 

Her love was her crowning glory
Her mission was to radiate the world with her love
She stood fearlessly, her naked soul exposed to Earth’s beauty
I am home, she roared

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