A Borrowed Life

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One lesson in my experiences lately has been that everything we “have” is borrowed: time, our child(ren), money, you name it. At the end, nothing is truly “yours;” it is all given back to Source. So, the experiences we have in life are sacred. We don’t have to take or like everything life presents to us; rather, we can choose, honor, and release that which we borrow at the opportune time.

When we cling to an identity, we are resisting change. In other words, we are fighting the fact that we are borrowing because we are trying to “own.” Since there is nothing we can truly own, we suffer because of our desire to possess, control, hoard.

Time is the one commodity which we can never borrow more of. There are absolutely periods in our lives during which we may borrow more money or more items, but that, too, is always temporary.

The biggest challenge and area of growth for me has been honoring borrowed friendships/relationships: individuals in my life are here for a season or multiple seasons, and I will never know exactly for how long.

When we realize everything is borrowed, how important it is to treat our lives as precious, the people we come across as gifts, and the time avail to us as irreplaceable.

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