8 Truths to Master

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I’m a big fan of simplicity. In a truly aligned state, Truth resonates within us. It just is. As humans, we complicate things by overthinking, doubting, resisting, etc. Here are eight simple truths in life to master.

1. The only person in life you have to face every day is yourself. Think about it. You might as well try to build the most honest and loving relationship with yourself as you can. The opposite sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

2. When things are handed to us, we rarely appreciate them as much as we do when we successfully struggle for the very same. Appreciate the hustle seasons in your life.

3. Be good, do good, feel good. – My Grandma

4. It’s important to know what to let go of and what to hold on to; usually this becomes a battle between mind and heart. Your heart is wiser than your mind.

5. You can still hold empathy for someone’s experience and maintain your boundaries/say no. We live in a culture where many people are missing that “and” perspective. Both parties can hold valid experiences: one’s experience does not negate the other’s. Learning to see the and perspective in life changes everything because you realize that nothing is personal; it’s all perception.

6. It is your responsibility to uphold your own values. If you don’t uphold your own values or boundaries, how can someone else?

7. Healthy relationships of all kinds must be voluntary on both ends. The sense of obligation many cultures pass down to kids is detrimental… this is where consent is important. Kids are not obligated to “like” or engage with a grown-up they feel physically or emotionally unsafe/uncomfortable around. Honor their boundaries. If you don’t, they may grow up denying their own instincts, experience, and boundaries, feeling compelled to “please” the other by being “nice.” Being nice when you need to be firm can lead to unforeseen problems. You can begin honoring your child’s boundaries early on by asking if they’d like to engage with another (i.e., do you have their permission?) If they say no, they mean no. Consent: if it’s not a clear yes, then it’s a no.

8. When you are genuinely happy for someone else and their circumstance, you can share in their joy with the understanding that your circumstance has to look different. Can you imagine if all our trajectories and stories were the same?

What are simple truths you would benefit from following in your life?

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