5 Reminders on Your Wellness Journey

by | Self Care

Wellness looks different for each of us. Yet, universally, it is the path of expansiveness: growing beyond perceived limits and shedding old versions of ourselves.

Whether you are contemplating beginning your wellness journey or steadfast in it, here are five important reminders as you venture forward:

1. Feeling stuck is common. However, prolonged stuckness is detrimental. Give yourself some movement, whatever size, so you can begin to shift and grow, learn and correct. Options are your friends; too many are overwhelming, too few are stifling.

2. Embrace stillness. Welcome silence. These are two of the greatest gifts en route to spiritual awakening.

3. There are boundless ways to be creative; creativity is simply the expression within you that you bring to the outside. There is no one who lacks creativity… it is a matter of being yourself and allowing the light within you to be seen.

4. Love is simple… each person has a remarkable essence to them. The essence within each of us is the same — whether we label it God, universe, Source, or the formless — however; the expression of this essence is as widespread and unique as the sun’s rays. You cannot capture it, nor is it to be captured. It is simple: we are here to love and be loved.

5. In the space that remains, whether it be days or decades away, give yourself the gift of time: time to get to know yourself, time combined with effort to let go of previous versions of yourself that are not serving you, and time to practice giving yourself grace. The only guarantee in life is today. Spend the time that has been given to you wisely.



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