12 Forgiveness Affirmations

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Are you in the season of forgiveness?

True forgiveness entails releasing yourself from being a prisoner of your past. This frees you from the constraints of past conditioning and the weight of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical burden you carry. Forgiveness does not mean you condone anyone else’s choices. Forgiveness means you are giving yourself permission to no longer suffer as a result of someone else’s ill choices. Forgiveness means you give yourself permission to not let someone else’s harmful word or deed define you or your happiness. Forgiveness ultimately involves forgiving yourself for the unkind ways you treat/have treated yourself and/or others. Everyone has their own process when it comes to forgiveness. The key is to forgive completely.

12 Affirmations for Forgiveness

1. I forgive you for the hurt inside of you that was taken out on me
2. I forgive you for not treating me as the beautiful being I am
3. I forgive you so that I may find peace
4. I forgive myself for not seeing the pain in you as yours, and took it as mine to bear

5. I forgive myself for dimming my light because of someone else’s insecurities
6. I forgive myself for holding myself to impossible standards
7. I forgive myself for allowing others’ disrespect to influence my self-worth
8. I forgive myself for all the times I hardened my heart and softened my skin, instead of hardening my skin and softening my heart

9. I forgive myself for carrying others’ burdens for far too long
10. I forgive myself for the times I gave up on myself
11. I forgive myself for how long it took to value my inner child
12. I forgive myself for ever believing in the absurd lie that somehow I am not enough

Revisit these affirmations as often as necessary.

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