10 Daily Reminders

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Daily reminders (uplifting, reassuring, motivational) are meant to be practiced until you become (i.e., embody) the reminder itself.

Here are 10 daily reminders to practice!

  1. To be yourself, love with all your heart, and honor others’ freedom of choice are invaluable life achievements.
  2. The highest honor on a team is not MVP; it’s being an all-rounder: someone who is adaptable, resilient, and creative.
  3. The more you value yourself, the less you’ll care about what others think of you.
  4. Simplify your life. When you are so distracted by the outside world, you lose out on an incredible world existing within you.
  5. Someone feeling safe enough to be themselves in your presence is the highest form of flattery, not imitation.
  6. The present moment is the only moment of time that is real. Don’t miss out.
  7. High-quality friends are priceless. Vibe with your tribe.
  8. A life without discipline will wear you down. A life without flexibility will also wear you down.
  9. Your heart is wiser than your mind. Don’t confuse the two.
  10. Don’t hide. Owning yourself, your journey, your mistakes, your accomplishments, your evolving life path is the way you set yourself free.

Here’s to your continued blooming,


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