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Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness for Women
Therapy with Dr. Supriya Blair

Mental Health Therapy

Relieve your anxiety, improve self-confidence, and move through life transitions successfully. Dr. Supriya Blair is a Psychologist in New York helping women enhance their mental health.

Life Coaching

Connect deeply with yourself. If you are called to live an empowered life, then you’ve come to the right place. Supriya is a Coach in New York helping women level up their mind-body-spirit wellness.

Hi, I’m Supriya.

I help women feel empowered to own their story so they become their next chapter. 

My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to discover the answers you need to move forward with purpose and clarity.

I understand the mind-body-spirit connection well and my private practice reflects this. We will unearth important areas of your life and integrate your wellness to meet your goals. Your holistic well-being is top priority.

I look forward to witnessing you take up your space and embody your light.

Meet Dr. Supriya Blair, Psychologist and Life Coach NY

Meet Dr. Supriya

Dr. Supriya is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is also a dual-certified Life Coach and Spiritual Coach. Dr. Supriya offers individual therapy and coaching sessions, specializing in mind-body-spirit wellness. Her wish is for you to empower yourself, and allow more room for joy in your life. Supriya believes turning over a new leaf begins when you say yes to yourself!

Dr Supriya Blair 12 Strategies to Optimize Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness

You are both the student and the teacher of your own life.

Do you want to…

Embrace your Divine Feminine?

Finally express yourself?

Parent differently from how you were parented?

Quit feeling like you have to prove yourself?

Then let’s talk.

We all have a story — you know that story you keep telling yourself; that story that keeps you stuck; that story that helps you through the storm; that story that needs to be learned, mastered, and moved through. A key part of my story has entailed embracing my bicultural experience as a woman born in the west with strong eastern roots — integrating two very different, often conflicting cultures; making peace with who I am, belonging to myself, and carving out my own lane in this Big World.

 Wellness is all about connecting to who you are so you feel confident, compassionate, and committed to your values.

Ready to do this?

The Empowered Self Blog

Dr. Supriya spreads wellness through writing, emphasizing mindfulness, writing exercises, short stories, self-care, and poetry.

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